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Questmerch – The Origin Story

EDIT APRIL 2017: The site will remain alive because it took a looot of work to put up and frankly I want to bring it back sometime in the future. Maybe when I’ve got a better handle on providing good content. Until then, it remains here in limbo.


I remember as a kid (maybe eight or nine), going into a store called Zany Brainy. It was an incredible place filled with toys. But not just any toys. These toys sparked the imagination; motivated you to build, create, and examine our world. It was wonderful. There was so much to do. You could grow crystals, or eat freeze dried astronaut food. Collect figures of dinosaurs or more recent forms of wildlife. Analyze maps, figure out all sorts of puzzles; board games and card games galore. Truly an amazing store. Every time I arrived it was an adventure.

As I got older I wanted to put together a collection of items I’ve found around the internet that reminded me of that feeling; the excitement of walking through the doors into a Zany Brainy. So with a little help I created Questmerch!

Questmerch is a handcrafted selection of goodies from all over the web that will inspire you to go on an adventure. (Whatever that may be!) Whether it be roleplaying or mountain climbing, stargazing or card collecting, cosplaying or demonstrating, this site will have what you need to aide you on your quest!

The best way to navigate is by using the categories and clicking on subcategories. Plus there will also be regular content posted to the blog as well as fun posts added to the Questmerch Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook page. Please don’t hesitate to check those out! The more support and likes I get from you, the better I can make this site!

So go forth! But before you enter the next level, make sure to save… and check back here! We might just have the sword, tunic, or gizmo you need.

Bon Voyage!


January 23, 2017 by Mich

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