Fandoms (About Part Two) and this site as a Community

,In my first post I decided to talk about my initial reasoning for making this site. But I wanted to dive in a little farther to explain my reasoning for choosing certain items and themes. Particularly fandoms.

I’m a huge fan of all nerdy things. I used to play D&D as a kid, and continued to into adulthood. Star Trek was around my whole life, I played with all forms of Star Wars video games and toys. I loved Joss Whedon TV shows, and Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. These adventure oriented stories were a dive into escapism, but were also a platform for philosophical debate. For development of complex ideas and for reenforcing good ones. By going on these adventures with the characters I grew up, and gained the confidence to try new things. Fandoms are part of my identity and it’s fair to say a part of millions of other people’s as well.

What strikes at the core of all fandoms is a value system deeply intwined with the concept of learning. Fandoms search for a deeper meaning, for continuing against all odds and for developing concepts that help us as people and as groups to extend our abilities.

Going back to DnD for example. There are wizards and orcs and paladins and warriors. It let’s you travel to a whole different world with your friends, and let’s you interact with that world in a way to removes the danger and motivates risk. You can act and make decisions based on a whole new identity outside of your own, and by doing so, allows you to explore more about yourself and your friends than you thought possible. This is an incredibly powerful tool.

Same for Star Trek- The Klingons are a proud warrior alien race, with customs and traditions and priorities differing from the “Human” Federation. But in reality they are a vessel for more in depth discussion of human behavior. The same goes for all other races in that Universe.

These things all tie back in to the first post.

The toys found at Zany Brainy were all meant to do the same thing as the intellectual properties I’ve mentioned in this post. They are tools for better development and understanding of ourselves. They are “call to actions” to observe and analyze our universe more deeply.

With that being said I wanted to pick only the best nerdy and geeky stuff. The stuff that continues to inspire us to explore. Great gifts for nerdy friends or great toys that help kids learn to explore and experiment with STEM.  I hope to start going into different aspects of all this in more detail in later posts, and to continue to add more cool stuff to the categories in this site. I also want to invite anyone who is excited about these themes to participate. If you find something you believe belongs on this site- please pass it along.

And please- if you have any ideas about how to make this site better- or want to add to the discussion, please go to the contact page and don’t hesitate to send a message, or tweet, or fb post.

Live Long and Prosper,


February 4, 2017 by Mich