star trek gifts for him and her

Star Trek Gifts for Him and Her on Valentines Day

Are you’re looking for a last minute gift for your special someone? And they happen to love Star Trek, huh? Well you’re in the right place, friend! This post is all about Valentine’s Day Star Trek gifts for him AND her!

I know A LOT about Star Trek gifts. I used to date a trekkie, and I’m a pretty big one myself. So I’ve spent days… DAYS researching and cataloguing the best there is to offer in terms of Star Trek related merchandise and paraphernalia. Not only that but I’ve spent even more time browsing and scrolling through thousands of Star Trek posts on the internet via tumblr, reddit, facebook, and youtube. You can be confident that this post was written by an expert.

Now being the geek that I am, I wanted to post a huuuuge list of great star trek gift ideas. But I know your time is money. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. This post covers a number of different categories and provides links to where you can find different gifts in each section. I also try to vary the level of nerdiness and obscurity with each gift idea. That way you get to choose if your Trekkie gets a funny lighthearted present, or if you want to really impress them with a truly high level fandom gift.

So! Without farther ado… Engage.


The Ultimate List / Guide to Star Trek Gifts for Him and Her!

1. Novelty Star Trek Gifts

There is a wide variety of gifts in this category. From the awesome pizza cutter to the hilarious Pon Farr perfume (in case you don’t know Pon Farr- it’s a Vulcan thing)

2. Jewelry

There are some amazing handcrafted jewelry pieces on Etsy so don’t forget to browse through there, but here are a few items you can get easily on amazon.

3. Cups and Chocolates

Here is where you can dive a little deeper into getting the perfect gift. The glass cups are an amazing gift for hardcore TNG fans. You can see a blogpost about the mugs here! But if you’re not looking to go THAT obscure there are always the classic lighthearted graphic mugs! And of course, adding a little chocolate to the mix can’t hurt either!



 4. T-Shirts and Hoodies

This is where you’ll find excellent Star Trek Gifts for him. There are so many T-shirts available but here are a couple obvious and not so obvious picks:

star trek gift for him

Star Trek Tee Shirt


5. Plush Toys/ Stuffed Animals

No list of Valentine’s Day Gifts would be complete without a Teddy Bear… or at least an extraterrestrial equivalent. But be careful with those tribbles; if you’re date is more of a Klingon type, it might be best to stick with the McCoy plush.

6. Star Trek Valentines Day Cards

And of course don’t forget you Valentine’s Day Card! You’ll find the best cards are made by fans and can be found by searching through etsy, redbubble and other art market sites. Here are a few that I find particularly excellent:



There are plenty of more options for gifts, so don’t hesitate to check out the listings on the main page at Plus check out some of our other Valentines posts on Tumblr and Facebook! We’ll be posting more star trek gifts for him and her as the days get closer to Feb 14th!

Also, if you have any other suggestions for great Star Trek gifts for him and her, don’t hesitate to tweet at us!

February 10, 2017 by Mich